Our Process

Epic Polymer in the business of eliminating downtime for our customers. We are a design-manufacturer of custom industrial plastic components, specializing in the formulation, molding and machining of precision plastic parts.

We walk the talk daily with our three taglines:

Custom Made. Fast.We are setup to delivery when you need it, through lean manufacturing practices and constant technology upgrades. With a ‘standard’ lead time of 7-10 business days, we don’t keep you waiting on your critical, downtime-eliminating parts.

Custom Made. Reliable. – Our 40 year history of manufacturing industrial plastics means we have the experience and track record to do it right, the first time around.

Custom Made. Simple. – We take away the traditional headaches of sourcing custom components and make it as easy as buying an off-the-shelf part.

Our job is to listen to our customer’s pains and use our expertise to determine the best solution to eliminate your downtime. So, we’re listening. How can we help you today?