Engineered Wear Solution

“There might be a lot of names in plastics out there, but I trust Epic Polymer’s long-standing expertise and R&D innovation. Over the years, whenever I have an application that requires industrial plastics, Epic is where I turn to.” – Jon Sigalet, Manager, Central Aggregates

Central Aggregates, a subsidiary of Lafarge, is the largest diversified supplier of concrete materials in the United States and Canada. Central Aggregates produces and sells a variety of aggregates, sand, gravel and related construction materials.

The Results

The results have been Epic! The new tracking rails on Central Aggregates jaw crusher has performed much better than originally anticipated, and has drastically revolutionized the life of both the rails & the rollers. To date, Central Aggregates reports that Epic’s solution is about 7 times better than the original parts.

– Part Life – lasts 5 times longer than previous steel part
– Overall Machine Operation enhanced by 500%
– Overall maintenance decreased by 5 times

Total Savings is in the area of $ 11,500 over the past 3 years and the time & savings are still benefiting Central Aggregates today.

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