Premium Wear Resistance Epicure (Cx)

Custom engineered chemistry blends the impressive wear resistance of our Epicure™ line of high-performance Elastomers with the extreme abrasion resistance of ballistic composite. Reinforced with a proprietary compound, Epicure™ (Cx) is a substantial improvement over traditional materials such as urethane, UHMW, rubber, and other polymers in harsh wearing applications. In addition to saving you costs through longer part life, Epicure™ (Cx) can be custom molded directly into finished parts, greatly reducing the labor and material waste associated with machining parts from stock shapes.

Advantages of Epicure™ (Cx)

– Premium Wear & Abrasion Resistant Grade
– Epically Wear Resistant
– Extreme Temperatures
– Saves Downtime

Download the Epicure™ (Cx) cut sheet.

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