Polyurethane Stock Shapes

Epic Polyurethane comes in a variety of stock shapes and capabilities for your convenience:

Plate (precision plate, open cast plate, deadplate bumpers)

– Precision cast in 25″ x 96″ sizes, from 1/8″ up to 2″ thick.

– “Open Face” cast molded sheet in any size up to 60″ x 120″ and up to 4″ thick.

– Custom blocks of virtually any size.

Rod (round rod, square bar)

– 0.75″ diameter through 12″ diameter in any custom length up to 48″.

– Discs up to 60″ diameter and 10″ thick.

Tube (tubular bar, spun cast tubes, static cast rings)

– 2″ OD through 20″ OD in virtually any wall thickness.

– Standard lengths are 12″ and 18″. Custom lengths available upon request.


Download our Polyurethane cut sheet for more information. See how we measure up to the rest in our Property Comparison Chart and Chemical Resistance Chart.

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