DYNAMEX™ Elastomeric Bearings

The DYNAMEX™ product series represents engineered load bearing products and devices based on rubber and polyurethanes for a variety of applications in construction and industrial design.

Epic Polymer Systems is the exclusive design-manufacturer of DYNAMEX™ Engineered Elastomeric Bearings for Bridges and Structures.

DYNAMEX™ products are engineered to both CAN/CSA S6-06 and AASHTO standards, 100% manufactured in Canada and available in a wide range of configurations.

We provide comprehensive product support through mechanical engineering, polymer chemistry and manufacturing excellence.

Our People are committed to providing the highest service from the industry’s most knowledgeable experts.

The DYNAMEX™ product line includes:

DYNAMEX™ SR Epic Sheet Rubber TDS – Dynamex_SRC6

Plain, molded rubber pads from either Natural or Chloroprene Rubber is an effective single-element structural bearing in application with moderate load transfer and minimal movement requirements.


Engineered Composite of structural steel reinforcing layers vulcanized to either Natural or Chloroprene Rubber.

DYNAMEX™ LOAD+ Epic Product Sheet – DYNAMEX LOAD+ Bearings

Next Generation fiber reinforced (ROF) molded rubber bearings specifically designed for precast/pre-stressed concrete structures.


Fabric Reinforced, synthetic rubber pad (Cotton Duck Pad, CDP) for impact and vibration isolation of heavy equipment and structures.

PROTEF™ PTFE Sliding Surface

Most DYNAMEX™ products listed above, are available with bonded PTFE slide surface to accommodate restrained or unrestrained horizontal movements.

VYPUR™ Polyurethane Disc Bearing Inserts

Specialized grade of dynamic polyurethane specifically engineered for use as the elastomeric element within mechanical disc bearings.

Bearing Assemblies

Complete bearing assemblies with steel masonry and sole plates, keeper bars, polished stainless slide plates, anchors and fasteners.