Setup & Tooling Design

Molds and Dies (Tooling) are an essential part of the industrial  rubber and urethane manufacturing process. Quality parts, start with quality manufacturing equipment.

At Epic, all of our tooling, molds and dies are designed and manufactured in-house – a testament to over 40 years expertise in the field. This allows us to provide faster lead-times on first run parts, as well as a shorter and more cost effective prototyping cycle.

Our tooling can be configured from steel, aircraft grade aluminum and other metals or polymers; built to provide optimum production value and longevity based on the final part objectives.

A proper setup is your foundation in reducing overall cost and lead time. While injection molding setup charges can easily start at over $15,000 for a simple part, our customers take advantage of Epic’s expertise and in-house tooling at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, Epic’s setup process allows you to control your bottom line now (by only building what is necessary to start), as well as planning for future part reiterations by building incorporating design flexibility into your existing mold.


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