Rubber Applied to Metal: Liners & Coatings

Epic Polymer provides custom application and vulcanizing of rubber liners to steel components. Rubber is primarily used primarily as a wear liner for impact, corrosion, impingement and abrasion; various rubber materials are selected for addition properties of anti-corrosion liners, thermal insulation, chemical resistance and electrical isolation.

Typical Applications:

– Tank Liners

– Pulleys & Roller Lagging

– Pipe, Flange and Fittings Linings

– Housings, Impellers, Paddles and Augers

– Chutes, Hoppers an Spout Liners

Common Materials:

– Natural Gum Rubber

– Epi-Shield(tm) Premium Wear Liner

– Polyurethane

– Buna-N

– Butyl


– Neoprene (Chloroprene)

– Silicone




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