ARGONIUM™ Engineered Structural Composite

For tough structural applications, Epic Polymer’s ARGONIUM™ is a specially formulated engineered structural composite that bridges the gap between the weight and corrosion limitations of structural steel and the strength limitations of mechanical plastics. Argonium®, a tested and proven replacement for steel and other metals, is revolutionizing the way industrial structures and systems are constructed.

Cost Savings: outperforms steel in both short term and long term cost savings.

– Reduced maintenance requirements
– Longer service life
– Reduced transportation and handling costs
– Lower design and manufacturing costs vs. other methods

Epic Properties: Smarter Than Steel

– Light – 75% lighter than steel = Reduced Installation Costs
– Strong – up to 20x stronger than steel in combined unit strength
– Corrosion Resistant – impervious to weather, salt-water, and a wide range of chemicals
– Non-Conductive – completely electrically insulative, suitable for high-voltage and other electrically isolated applications
– Thermal Properties – 65x lower thermal conductivity than steel and 250x less than aluminum

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