Bearing Services & Solutions

With our expertise in elastomers, our customers see value in Epic’s role of supporting industry not only through the design and construction stages, but also  in the operational and maintenance of the bearing life cycle.

Our Bearing Support Services include:

Application Analysis & Product Design Specification

Product Testing & Analysis

Field Inspections

Custom Manufacturing

Applications Analysis & Product Design Specification:

Our design-team specialists work with consulting engineers and design-build contractors to provide critical input at early project stages. Their Objective? to bridge the gap between project pre-engineering and post-award construction to ensure that optimum performance and value can be realized in the manufactured product. Often this includes application analysis and contributing product specifications on unique design and manufacturing elements such as elastomer formulation and compounding, physical properties, specialized testing and code compliance.

Product Testing & Analysis:

Our in-house testing capabilities and strong relationships with Universities, National Laboratories, and 3rd party testing facilities ensure that impartial analytics are met each and every time. Whether MOTH or DOT testing of manufactured product, lab testing of design prototypes and innovative materials or oversite of 3rd party product testing; our engineers are a trusted ally on your project.

Field Inspections:

We support professional engineers and application consultants involved in the inspection of existing installations. Field inspectors can

Custom Manufacturing:

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience in elastomers, and more than 20 of those specialized in structural bearings, Epic Polymer is the largest custom manufacturer of structural elastomeric bearings in Canada. This experience allows us to provide you with a high level of competency on special design projects, such as equipment installations, bridges, scientific observatories, amusement parks, or buildings. This expertise means that we can formulate special high load or energy adsorbing elastomers that accept exceptional high vertical loads while allowing for necessary rotation and lateral movement, especially in installations where space restrictions or with complex dynamic and geometric concerns.

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